Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 56

Wednesday 27th July

We woke up in Morgan’s friend’s lovely Vienna apartment this morning, revelling in the luxury of being indoors… on a sofa bed! It being a Friday, and Laura and Sebastian both being regular, contributing members of society, they had to work today, so we went off to explore Vienna without them.


Vienna is a beautiful city to walk around, filled with grand and imposing buildings. No post-Soviet grey here! Some of the buildings featured pretty impressive statues, including an ode to Hagrid and Fluffy:


Lex continued to be very popular in Vienna, including with a multi-generational American family who stopped us in the street to find out more about him. We’re typically asked about Lex several times a day, every day, but this family stuck out because it genuinely seemed like they were going to buy their own Klee Kai the second they got home, perhaps even cutting their holiday short to do so. Once the mum had checked he wasn’t going to get any bigger and the daughter had cooed over his good looks, grandma leaned over to us.

“He… doesn’t have any wolf in him, does he?”

It wasn’t such a silly question I guess; in America you’re allowed to have part wolf dogs as pets. Once we’d confirmed that Lex was all-dog the whole family broke out into huge grins and walked away beaming. That sort of happiness only comes when you’ve just decided to buy a puppy. For realsies.

Shortly afterwards, Lex spoiled our happy dog glow by having explosive diarrhoea all over the street. This was likely due to his habit of eating random garbage he finds on the floor, and wow was it disgusting. Vienna, we’re really sorry.

Lex: “I’m not sorry.”


Futile attempts at cleaning up doggy diarrhoea aside, our plan for today was largely based around food. I had visited Vienna 8 years ago, and my memories of the city painted it as a coffee & cake paradise. In fact, I’m really not sure what we did in Vienna 8 years ago, except for eat really good cake.

We decided to make mid-morning cake a priority as we wandered around Vienna. Maybe we were in the wrong part of the town, but we struggled to find a cafe with a really good cake display. Y’know, the sort of cake display that causes people to walk into things because they can’t take their eyes off it. That sort of cake display.

We eventually found the good cake with a little help from Google, and it was worth all the walking around in the 30 degree heat:


Continuing the theme of “sugar coma,” we had ice cream later in the day at Veganista. This vegan ice cream place was recommended to us by Laura, as somewhere so good it always has a queue of locals coming out the front door. After our excellent experiences of queuing for ice cream in Poland, we had to check this out. Yes, the ice cream was excellent, no it wasn’t as good as “Good Lood” in Krakow. And yes, we continue to discuss the possibly of doing a “quick ice cream run” to Krakow on a daily basis.

When I previously visited Vienna with my friends Steff and Ellie, as a brief respite from cake eating we played The H&M Outfit Game. This involves putting together the most hideous outfit you can find in H&M and taking a selfie; worst outfit wins. Although, come to think of it, selfies weren’t a thing yet in 2009. You can clearly see someone else is taking this picture of me in my fabulous 2009 outfit. For old times sake, I went back into the same H&M and found a rather fetching floral top to try on.


After leaving H&M we walked through the ridiculously expensive “high-class fashion” area which every tourist town seems to have. In a hilarious twist of fate, my attempts at hideous outfits were far surpassed by Gucci’s window display!


In the evening we met up with Laura, Sebi, and a bunch of their friends at a local pizza place (called Disco Volante, because the pizza oven is decorated like a giant disco ball!), for a very enjoyable evening of pizza eating and wine drinking. Apparently, locals in Vienna like to dilute their alcohol; everyone except us was drinking spritzers, or wine mixed with sparkling water, and beer mixed with different flavoured lemonades is common too. Apart from this oddity, Vienna seemed like a very cool place to live. The city seemed very friendly and liveable, small enough to be walkable, but big enough to have everything you need. Kinda like Brighton, actually. Huh, I guess we liked Vienna so much because it reminds us of home. Who’da thought it.

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