Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 43

Friday 14th July

We woke up in our cosy Airbnb apartment and enjoyed a thoroughly chilled out morning of drinking tea and reading whilst curled up on the sofa. Sofas! An item of furniture I entirely underappreciated until this trip.

A slight miscommunication meant our host’s mother arrived to clean the flat 45 minutes early, whilst we were still packing our stuff up. Lex obviously barked furiously at the intruder, despite her having far more right to be there than we did. Her Soviet grandmotherly approach was to pinch his cheeks and launch into a flurry of Lithuanian baby talk. Oddly, Lex calmed right down after that.

We’re planning on crossing into Poland in a couple of days, so I busied myself planning our route, mainly so I could book another Airbnb in Krakow. Morgan, to his credit, didn’t once complain about how this would cut into our time spent being feral.

We started slowly driving towards Poland around midday, spotting a lot of huge birds in giant nests on telegraph poles right by the road. We think they might be storks, but perhaps our ornithologist friends can correct us!


Our next stop was Trakai, a pretty lakeside town famous for its island castle.


Obviously, Lex wasn’t allowed inside the castle, so we contented ourselves with walking around its perimeter and watching the multitudes of weddings happening on the island. We’re not sure if there are an unusual amount of weddings in the Baltic states, or if they’re just more public than weddings in England, but oh man we’re seen a lot of weddings on this trip! Part of the wedding routine seems to be an epic, day long photo shoot, often involving the bride and groom traipsing all over town taking photos in every possible location. We saw one poor bride being made to run towards the camera over and over, despite having 4-inch stilettos on under her huge white dress. I’m sure all she wanted to do was put her feet up and have a drink.


We may not have been allowed inside the castle, but we did find one unexpectedly dog-friendly activity in Trakai; renting a rowboat! It was a lovely sunny day, and the lakes were full of people enjoying a jolly out on the water.


Cruising across the lake, we set up a parasol for Lex, and even turned the rescue ring into a comfy dog bed.


Throughout the hour, he flitted between enjoying the cool breeze and close proximity to ducks, to suddenly requiring reassurance cuddles.



We don’t think he’s gonna adapt to a life at sea anytime soon though, thanks mainly to his severe dislike of large bodies of water. Still, at least it’s given him some perspective. He used to think it’s bad that we live in the box (car); now he knows it could be worse. We could be living on a boat!

After all that excitement, we decided to devote the rest of the day to sitting around in the sun, eating ice cream and drinking coffee. Morgan claims this is the best ice cream he’s ever tasted. Sometimes, life on the road is pretty sweet.


Click to see our route driven this day!

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2 thoughts on “Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 43

    1. It was actually just lemon! But, I’d describe it more like lemon meringue or something. It wasn’t too tart, nor too sweet to overpower the tartness, but still very strongly flavoured. It was quite creamy, and it had chunks of lemony goodness in it. 🙂
      We’ve had a Lot of great ice cream on this trip! Yesterday we went to a vegan ice cream place very highly recommended by our hosts in Vienna – I had an awesome Kiwi sorbet there 🙂
      But they also had lots of “creamy” style ice cream too (Rosie had a good peanut butter one!), no idea how they make it!

      But yes I will certainly consent to being a Bobbie Ice Cream Beta Tester when we get back! 😀

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