Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 31

Monday 3rd July

Returning to life on the road after even 2 days in a comfy apartment is hard to do. We’d already become used to the crazy luxury of being able to cook without immediately afterwards washing, drying and putting away everything we’d just used. We could also leave things like clothes and toiletries outside of our backpacks for brief periods of time! If we try to do either of these things whilst living in a tent or car, it only takes half an hour until total anarchy sets in and we can no longer find anything we own, nor close the boot.

We didn’t need to check out of the flat until 2pm so of course we stayed right up until the last second, enjoying the sofa, wifi, electricity and running water. All the things normal people have in their day to day lives. I finished reading the excellent novel “The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August” whilst Morgan did some blog work and Lex tried to sleep on an inflatable pillow we’d left on the floor. It was very upsetting for Lex to feel the pillow move unpredictably underneath him, but not upsetting enough for him to sleep on his actual dog bed that we’ve brought all the way from England for his comfort.

“I miss our home!” I said to Morgan as we left the apartment for the last time.

“You mean the car, right?” he replied.

Waving goodbye to the Soviet suburbs, we drove east to Lahemaa National Park. Compared to the Scandinavian countries we’ve spent the last few weeks in, Estonia is tiny, and we arrived in what felt like no time at all. We were at a very exciting part of Harry Potter when we arrived, which combined with the rain made us extremely reluctant to leave the car. We compromised by letting Harry and Dumbledore finish their conversation before starting our hike.

“There are midges AND mosquitoes out here” grumbled Morgan. “I can feel them getting at me.”

“I miss Harry Potter” I replied, glumly.

“Scientists widely agree that mosquitoes serve no useful purpose in nature. If we eliminated them, the biggest effect on the ecosystem would be the human population increasing, due to reduced disease transmission.” Morgan was Googling why mosquitoes exist.

“I just hope Gryffindor win the house cup,” came my reply.

Needless to say, it was a short hike. But we still managed to lose the trail entirely and end up in a grey suburb instead.


Right next to the grey suburb, we came across a pleasant rural tractor. It was very incongruous.


That evening our old friends The Midges attacked us in full force, swarming the car in a most rude fashion.

“I don’t miss the Airbnb at all” I informed Morgan. “I only wish there were more midges and that the rain was heavier.”

As if making a point, a large camper van then pulled up near us. Glaring at it, we were sure it contained a cosy bed, fridge and midge-free toilet. To further rub it in, an honest to God satellite dish proceeded to slowly raise itself up out of the top of the van!


“They’re watching Sky TV in there!” I hissed angrily to Morgan. “They’re in bed, watching TV, probably wearing dressing gowns and sipping hot cocoa!”

“Not feral enough,” came Morgan’s simple reply, prowling off with Lex to watch a storm rolling in over the nearby field.


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2 thoughts on “Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 31

  1. We are loving your description of the midges and mozies. We didn’t do so bad last year in Scandinavia but with your current experience, our recent murderous night in the Brecon Beacons and next years trip to the North Cape in mind we have just bought several meters of midge netting. Sue is putting up with what a pain it is to work with and diligently producing window covers and awning curtains for our van – which incidentally does not have a TV anywhere in sight ;=)

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