Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 22

Saturday 24th June

Today was mid summer’s day in Sweden, so we did a little research to see if anything was going on. Turns out, everything happened yesterday between 1-3pm, at least in the area we were in. Dejected, and disappointed with Sweden, we decided to drive to Finland instead. Just as we were packing up the car to leave Sweden forever, a gang of about 12 bikers stopped in our rest stop, and they ALL queued up to use the one toilet. Thank god we had both used it already!


Our route east took us through what we called the “badlands” of Sweden, where we stopped for a picnic lunch. We parked up at a pretty little park near a lake and a children’s playground, and it wasn’t until we’d sat down and started on our cheese sandwiches that we noticed the empty alcopop bottles & other litter strewn around the place. Turns out, this was where the teenagers came to drink at night. It was literally the least nice place we’d seen in Scandanavia so far. It did have a really fun swing though, which slightly made up for it.


We crossed the border into Finland that afternoon, just as we got to the exciting part of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, when Stephen Fry explains all about Sirius Black. All tuckered out from the emotional roller-coaster that is Harry Potter, we stopped at the first campsite we found, which turned out to be a delightful spot right on the Gulf of Bothnia. We set up our tent practically on the beach!


And of course I went for a swim. It actually wasn’t that cold, or maybe I’ve levelled up in hardcoreness after living in a tent in Scandinavia for the last 3 weeks. At any rate, jumping into a hot shower after swimming in a cold sea is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Lex couldn’t stop me quick enough.


We set up a mobile blogging station on the beach that evening, covered in deet to try to deter the swarms of mosquitoes who wanted to have us for dinner. Even at midnight it was still light, and there were children fishing off a nearby dock. Because Finland.


Eventually we retreated from the mosquitoes, and Morgan diligently continued working in our tiny tent whilst Lex tried to sleep on my pillow.


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