Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 19

Wednesday 21st June

We woke up in the lovely Camp Viking after a night of howling, gale-force winds. First thing we checked was that our tent was still in place; we genuinely thought the outer layer might have been ripped away! But Morgan’s tent-putting-up skills were up to the challenge and our little tent had held fast.

We really upped our morning faff game today, managing to not leave the campsite until 2pm, a record even for us (although we did get two blog posts published before we hit the road!)

We had a mission in mind (to be revealed tomorrow!), so we set the sat nav towards the north and spent the afternoon climbing in longitude. After a few hours we crossed the border into Lappland which we were pretty excited about! Despite the hours we had spent driving north, it genuinely hadn’t occurred to me that we were going to end up in Lappland.

We started to get hungry after a couple of hours of driving, but we just couldn’t see any nice rest stops about. In Norway there’d been a rest stop with toilets (always including a disabled toilet) and running water every half hour or so. Whilst these facilities did exist in Sweden, they didn’t been nearly so frequent here, at least up in Lappland.

So, we pulled over into a lay-by, got out the camping stove and made porridge by the side of the road. It was an interesting study in the doppler effect.


Later in the afternoon the weather became gloriously sunny, so we stopped in another lay-by to have a walk. Our motto in Scandinavia is “no matter what the weather’s doing now, it’ll probably be raining in 30 seconds time.” So any hint of sunshine is to be appreciated immediately. Walking into the woods, we considered just how isolated we were up here. There were no buildings for miles around, and we were pretty sure bears lived in these woods. As we went for our walk, both Morgan and I were squinting into the trees, checking out any dark shape in case it was a bear about to attack us. All we actually found was a bunch of midges and a cool river dam which, knowing Scandinavia, probably produces some sort of perfectly green energy which people use to charge their electric cars.

Hot Damn.


A rainbow appeared above Esmerelda (our car) as we arrived back where she was parked, like some kind of sign

Red, yellow, green & blue. Even the colours of the sign match the rainbow… Kinda freaky.


Also the roads are so quiet up here that people have fun doing doughnuts on the highways:


We stopped to sleep near this beautiful bridge before sunset, which was around 11.30pm.


We then decided to sit under the bridge like trolls and watch the very slow sunset. It was delightful, except that every time a car drove over the bridge, it sounded like a bomb had gone off above our heads. Lex didn’t understand why we lived under a bridge now and whined a lot, until I lay out my blanket for him to lie on. Then he whined that the blanket was too small, and barked at me when I tried to unfold it to make it bigger for him. We think he was saying:

“I do not like this blanket, this blanket does not meet my needs!”


[Sigh.] Dogs.




It would be our last sunset for a while, because the sun never sets where we’re heading!

Click to see our driving progress this day!

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3 thoughts on “Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 19

  1. Just down the road from Storuman. That was our first stop from Norway into Sweden this time last year. Dead right – Sweden, like the Britain, doesn’t do road side stops – their excuses for lay-bys are hopeless compared to Norway or for that matter France.


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