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Tiny Wolf FAQ

– Where in the world are you guys right now?

Here’s a nice map of our journey so far, that may or may not be fairly out-of-date!


As of August 18th, we’ll be spending a couple days in Luxembourg, then travel through Belgium, and over to France to wind down for a few days, before heading back through the tunnel to end our trip! 

If you have an iPhone, you can actually use the “Find My Friends” app to track us in real time! Add Morgan’s phone number as a friend, and wait for me to accept it. Then you can see us as a little dot wherever we are in the world!

If you don’t have an iPhone, sorry! I couldn’t figure out a better option.

– When are you coming home?

We’ll probably be back at the end of August, just in time for Rosie’s birthday!

– How are you travelling around Europe?

We’ve borrowed Morgan’s dad’s big Volvo estate car, which we’ve nicknamed Esmeralda. Funny thing is, neither of us particularly like driving, so we were originally planning to travel by train, buses and hitch-hiking, but when we were offered a comfortable car to borrow for the summer, our arms were twisted and we couldn’t say no. We’re actually really glad we have Esmeralda, because most of the camp sites and hiking spots we’ve visited are super isolated and would have been a nightmare to access by public transport.

Plus, we’ve had a lot of rain on our trip so far, and Esmeralda is much more waterproof than our tent, so she’s been our home for the night fairly often.


– How much planning do you do?

We plan the important stuff – like looking up which countries have regulations about visiting with a car/dog in advance, so we can prepare everything and not get fined or have Lex end up in quarantine. But in terms of our route, we tend to make that up as we go along. For instance, Morgan messaged an old friend that lives in Denmark on the day we arrived in the country, asking if he was free tomorrow – luckily, he was, and he gave us really great recommendations which changed the rest of our Denmark trip!

We use Google maps for route planning, which is great except for this one time it refused to let us take a route through the Netherlands (we overruled it – no we’re not taking your advice, Google mega-brain). And when it routed us through what was clearly a 4×4 track, not a regular road. We also use an app, “ACSI Great Little Campsites”, which works offline and shows us where particularly good camp sites are on a map of Europe. We like to leave ourselves open to spontaneity and unexpected opportunities, so we often don’t know exactly where we’re gonna sleep that night at say, 9pm.

– How do you afford to travel for so long – especially Scandinavia!?

  1. Saving up money from our full-time jobs for about a year.

  2. Renting out our flat while we’re away (including on Airbnb)

  3. Camping instead of hotels/hostels. We tend to alternate between official camp sites, which charge a (variable) camping fee and wild camping wherever this is allowed/safe. We have enough camping gear/food in our car to be pretty self-sufficient!

  4. Our daytime activities mostly involve nature/hiking, which tends to be free.
  5. Cooking nearly all our meals ourselves, on a camping stove. Fortunately everything tastes better when eaten outdoors, so a summer of baked beans, pasta and rice isn’t sounding too bad at the minute!

– How often do you wash?

An entirely appropriate amount for our current lifestyle.

– How’s Lex handling life on the road?

He’s doing well! Any time spent as close as physically possible to his humans is the best time ever, as far as he’s concerned.

– What actually IS Lex?

Firstly, he’s not a tiny wolf. Sorry about that!

He’s a grey and white, standard-sized Alaskan Klee Kai, which does look very much like a scaled-down Siberian Husky. The breed is still super uncommon in the UK, so he’s understandably very confusing to a Lot of people! With probably one passer-by comment per day for each of his 14 years on the planet, only three people have ever correctly identified his breed (including one person in Norway!) Most people don’t even seem to recognise his species. :p

Here are some genuine reactions people have made (or commonly do make) when first seeing Lex, listed from most to least common:

  • OOOOHHHH, look at the PUPPY!
  • Baby husky! Mum can we get one?!
  • Aww! How old is your puppy?
  • Look at the tiny wolf!
  • Aw, little fox!
  • *Ominously whispered mutter* wolf…
  • He’s got like, the head of a wolf and the body of a fox! o_o
  • *Incoherent screaming*
  • WOLF! GET AWAY CHILDREN, IT’S A WOLF! [I’m not even making this up.]
  • OMG it’s a Pomsky! No, it’s DEFINITELY a Pomsky. I saw them on the internet.
  • Cat! [Reaction from a small child, we forgave her mistake]
  • OH I know what that is, it’s a… oh, what’s it called – you know… ah yeah! It’s a JACKAL! [From a grown adult, we did not forgive this baffling misidentification.]

But most often, people see him as some kind of saintly eternal-puppy.


In reality, he’s a grumpy old man of a dog.

(P.S. A Pomsky is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Husky. There are many pictures on the internet of what this mix supposedly looks like, but most of the pictures are actually of cute fluffy puppies from totally unrelated breeds, eg Tequila the Finnish Laphund)

– I want a Klee Kai!

Well Lex’s specific breeder is not in action anymore, so I can’t hook you up, sorry!

But if you are truly serious about looking for a Klee Kai puppy, please watch out for all the “miniature husky” scams online, eg charging lots of money for a Siberian Husky or Malamute puppy/cross which will NOT stop growing when you expect it to, and will most likely end up way more dog than you can handle. So please do contact a reputable breeder, even if the waiting lists are long.

And of course, make sure this is the right breed for you! They are small and physically much easier to look after than a big husky, but they have their own personality quirks which might not suit you. For instance, they’re typically more aloof and wary of strangers than big huskies. Make sure you do your research to avoid disappointment all round.


If you have any other questions for us,
please send us a message via the Contact Page!
We’d love to hear from you!


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