Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 15

Saturday 17th June

This morning was spent rolling around in the luxuries of our camp site from last night, making the most of their wonderful facilities; electricity, wifi, hot water… it was like Christmas had come early. We also tended to our water baby, which is what we call our 15-litre floppy plastic water carrier. It’s very needy, and threatens to break open and entirely flood everything we own unless we carry it curled up in our arms and hugged against our chest, much like a baby. So we had fun refilling that and getting it back in the car, shouting “don’t break the baby!” to the confusion of nearby campers.


Most of the afternoon was spent driving towards Geiranger, where we’d heard the fjords are particularly epic. It was a rainy day, so instead of driving too far we pulled up at a lovely rest stop for the evening. Not only did the rest stop have a large toilet block with an overhanging roof, giving us shelter we could cook under, but the view was spectacular:



It was also a good opportunity for flattening the back seats and turning our car into a proper cosy den with a full-length double bed:


It all went swimmingly, until around midnight when a car pulled up, pumping out rave music so loud that it literally made our entire car vibrate. We reckon there were about 14 people sleeping at this rest stop – some in motor homes, some in vans and some in tents – and they all must have been woken up by this. Come to think of it, the car probably also woke up everyone in every house they’d driven past up to this point! Thankfully they killed the music as they turned off the engine, but what the hell? The only thing we could think of was that the driver was in danger of falling asleep and needed this blaring at him to stay awake until he reached a rest stop.

Click to see our driving progress this day!

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