Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 14

Friday 16th June

Today I woke up a spectacular view, and the realisation that I was so stiff I could barely move. It was raining pretty heavily when we went to sleep last night, so we opted for our most ghetto sleeping arrangement of me curled up on the backseat of the car and Morgan in the reclined front passenger seat. It’s better than trying to pitch a tent, or rearrange the whole car so we can fold down the back seats into a bed during a heavy rainstorm, but after yesterday’s fairly hardcore hiking and rope climbing my body didn’t thank me for sleeping on a car seat!


After slowly limbering up we drove into Bergen, the only town we really wanted to visit in Norway. We passed an awesome waterfall on the way, which we could walk behind without getting wet! Oh the world we live in.


Having been living in the wild like feral creatures for the last week we had forgotten how to interact with other people and cars, and Morgan immediately swung our car into the van next to us when trying to park in a wonky multi-storey car park in Bergen. Turns out, the van had a bit of metal sticking out the corner of it which scratched a nice big dent into the side of our car whilst leaving absolutely zero damage on the van. You just don’t have these problems when parking next to fjords and waterfalls.

We think she wears the scar well.


I hobbled around Bergen like an old lady, complaining that my hips were sore, whilst Lex enjoyed the traditional fish market, featuring such delicacies as “entire shark on ice” and “headless wolf fish.”




Here’s what wolffish look like with their heads on. Much more gruesome, huh?


Lex was also given a free sample of whale meat which he went crazy for, whining for more even after we explained to him the ethical ramifications of eating whale meat. We believe his opinion on the matter was along the lines of “WHALE SO TASTY KILL ALL THE WHALES AND FEED THEM TO ME.” [Sigh.] Dogs.

Bergen’s old town, mostly art and jewellery shops now.



For a treat, we stayed in a proper campsite tonight, which wins the honour of “best shower of my entire life.” It was our first hot shower in a week, which combined with my aching muscles and joints was practically a religious experience. They even had free access to washing machines and tumble dryers which were basically all our dreams come true. Yes, it currently takes very little to make us happy.

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