Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 12

Wednesday 14th June

After the midge debacle of last night, we weren’t in great spirits this morning… until the sun came up! We realised it hadn’t actually been sunny at all since we came to Norway a week ago, and a bit of blue sky was incredibly welcome. We took the opportunity to go swimming in a fjord, something that was high up on my Norway bucket list and also high up on Morgan’s list of “things I want to avoid FOREVER.”


However, Morgan decided to try swimming too, in the spirit of Norway, and afterwards he agreed that “it was worth it… I suppose”, whilst looking slightly sad.

However, Morgan’s dislike of cold water is nothing compared to Lex’s. Lex’s dislike of large bodies of water even extends to a dislike of his humans going into the water, even if we’re just paddling! Lex whined and cried like a baby the entire time we were swimming, frantically pacing up and down the beach and barking at us to “GET OUT THE SEA IT’S DANGEROUS.” So apart from the fact it sounded like a dog was being actually murdered over the course of a few hours, we had a quiet, relaxing day at the beach.

We even washed our clothes in the fjord, then spent a happy few hours sitting on the beach and doing some blog work whilst our laundry dried.


My ridiculous pillow-stack, as explained here!

A funny thing about fjords is that they’re generally too far from the sea to be properly salty, but they still have tides. The beach we’re currently sitting on is rapidly disappearing, and we keep shuffling our things backwards to keep them dry.


Lex chilled out a lot after we left the water, and he found a great chewing stick too.


For lunch we had brown cheese, wasa and jam again. Here are some pictures to demonstrate how that looks:





We started driving north in the evening, and spent the night on the beautiful island of Ronnesoy. Following “tree with bench” signs (aka “rest stop”) just off the main road, we found this lovely scene:


And this rest stop even had toilets, which is just plain luxury for us.


We cooked, and drank our last two “Brewery Marius” beers on the shore as it got sorta dark. (It never really gets properly dark.)


Click to see our driving progress this day!

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