Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 10

Monday 12th June

Note: Rosie’s writing the next few entries to help catch up. 🙂


We woke up on day 10 after our first night of sleeping in the car. Surprisingly, all 3 of us felt well rested, possibly more so than if we’d slept in the 2 man tent. AND we didn’t have the morning toil of putting the tent down and repacking the car, which inevitably takes us 2 hours. They say that tasks expand to fill the time you have, and we have nothing but time at the moment!

The weather forecast reported heavy rain all day today, so we had already figured this wouldn’t be a hiking day. Something interesting about Morgan is that he believes all meteorologists are omnipotent deities who must be treated with the utmost respect. So when I looked outside and pointed out it wasn’t currently raining, Morgan’s response was to check his phone and inform me that actually, according to the weather gods, it was raining and I should stop my blasphemy right now.

We drove a bit closer to Pulpit Rock (where we’re planning to do an epic hike, as soon as the weather got less shit) and looked for somewhere that met our venn diagram of blogging needs.

We drove around a bit and tried searching on Google, but there was nothing about. All the cafes had strict no-dog policies, and all the pubs seemed to not open until 4pm (possibly something to do with Scandinavian strict drinking laws, in their quest to make sure all their citizens don’t become alcoholics in the dark winters?)

I was getting pretty frustrated by the lack of progress made, so I ran up a hill to at least get a bit of exercise in my day. While I was gone, Morgan realised that the supermarket we were parked near had an open wifi hotspot that extended to the car park.

So we sat in the car and used said wifi until our laptops ran out of battery, periodically running into the shop to buy supplies. This is where we published Day 4 from!


And you thought travelling was glamorous.

One positive from today was that we finally tried Brunost, or Norwegian brown cheese for the first time! Oh man is that stuff good! It’s like cheese crossed with caramel, kinda sweet but savoury at the same time and very creamy. The cheese itself is hard and sliceable, and we had it with raspberry jam on the advice of my friend Flossy, who knows what for. So between that and finally finding Skyr in the supermarket, our day was actually pretty solid. Also, I found this treat for Morgan:


We opted to sleep in the car again after the success of last night, and because more rain was forecast by the gods. We went on the hunt for a quiet spot to stay overnight, which usually involves driving very slowly and peering down every side-road to determine whether it leads to a house, or whether it leads to the middle of nowhere. The latter is what we’re looking for. Eventually we followed a series of side roads around a fjord and found a nice secluded spot to park up.


After briefly oggling the beauty of the area, we commenced squatting under our largest umbrella to cook pasta in the rain.


Yes we had brown cheese with it, because the brown cheese came in big packets and our fridge only works while we’re driving. So now we must quickly reduce the brown cheese burden by eating it for every meal. Except for Lex, who can expect dog food for every meal. He never gets less sad about this.


We had one final task before bed:

Earlier in the day, Lex’s food bowl had been accidentally thrown across the backseat. These things happen. The tiny biscuits had showered everywhere, and we noticed that about 20 of them had escaped the cleanup process by collecting deep inside two of the seatbelt clips, stopping them both from working. So Morgan set at them with a penknife and a pair of tweezers, practising his lock-picking skills to remove each little pellet.


Then we went to bed, safe from the rain in our metal tent.


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