Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 7

Friday 9th June

We planned to leave for Stavanger this afternoon, but the weather forecast promised storms in the evening, and it didn’t take much encouragement to convince us to stay one more night with Marius in Sandefjord instead of pitching our tent in the storm. Rosie’s loving sleeping on a mattress too – much kinder to her back than a tent.

So we adjusted our plans to leave in the morning instead, packed all our stuff up, then took a nice walk up to some excellent rocks with a good view over the area.


Some of the trails had streetlights because, in the winter (when it’s dark all the time), they’re cross-country ski tracks!


Later on, Rosie took a trip to the supermarket alone to get dinner ingredients (last time, Marius escorted and translated packets for me), and told us she found some chicken kievs with bacon stuff inside. I looked at the box and said “Alright”. Marius looked at it and explained “That’s not chicken.” Instead, we had Trout with Bacon and Cream sauce inside. Uhh… What?

So it seems we accidentally made fish & chips for our Norwegian friend, the concept of which is VERY weird for Norwegians. Not only that, but our chips were sweet potato, and our fish had.. bacon inside it. I don’t think we won him over with our cooking skills.

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