Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 6

Thursday 8th June

Today was spent chilling at my friend Marius’s place, just outside Sandefjord:


It’s a big family complex/farm type place with an un-godly amount of garage and warehouse space full of all kinds of cool shit – mostly cars & motorcycles and various parts for them, and lots of beer in various stages of the brewing process. All very manly. Lex loves trotting about sniffing every single item.

Mmmmm saw dust!

We got lots of writing done today, and took a pleasant walk in the woods nearby – Only getting slightly lost and only reasonably muddy!

Here are some things we saw on the way:


A smiley face. Painstakingly chiselled into a tree stump. As you do!

Lex encourages the ants to “work harder comrades!”

Also, Marius’s next-door neighbour keeps a bunch of sheep, who acted like excited puppies when they saw us (and didn’t give a rat’s arse about Lex’s wolfishness), bounding over to come and play!


I’ve never seen sheep so happy to see a dog…


For dinner, I made meatballs all by myself for the first time ever! I considered adding crisps as in the Robson-Drew recipe, but I decided that might be too weird for Marius. And of course, we sampled more of his home-brewed beer, custom made to our tastes a few weeks prior to our arrival. What a legend!

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