Europe Road Trip 2017

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 5

Wednesday 7th June

If you didn’t read the previous entry, definitely read that first to get a proper picture of where we slept last night.

Wednesday morning, we awoke to voices carrying towards our Viking hut, shouting Danish at each other. We hurriedly packed up our things and crept outside, to be greeted by a bunch of actual Vikings!

Or at least, dudes dressed as actual Vikings. Lex immediately growled at them, but they turned out to be friendly guys. They were happy to have had us sleep-over, and they explained they were going to have 80 kids turning up today to do work on the project. In the rain. Some were already here, hard at work digging drains for big puddles to channel away from the camp. Also, they’d all cycled here, in the rain.

We just wished we were that passionate about our ancestors!

Steen had told us that the beaches up on the north coast were very cool (and long), so we wanted to go check them out before we got the ferry. We drove up north a little and parked up the car, then sat and waited for the rain to die down. Eventually we made a quick cup of tea and some porridge in the spitting rain, before walking up towards where the beach should be.


Obviously, we almost immediately lost the path and got very wet feet & legs from trampling through all the wet long grass, nettles and thorns. But we did find the beach in the end, and had an admiring (if very brief) look at it before we needed to run back to the car to catch our ferry.


So the ferry was fine. Except, I assumed that when given the option of “animal in car” or “animal in kennels” when booking online (back in the midge-infested lakeside), we’d be able to stay in the car with Lex for the journey. However, the check-in lady explained that no passengers are allowed to remain on the car deck, so he’d have to stay alone in the car for the 3 hours 45 minute trip. That would never work with Lex. Six decks above, confused passengers would be able to hear him howling his little head off. And we’d have come back to some lovingly ripped-up car seats. So we paid a few quid extra to check him into the kennels. However, we also knew that we couldn’t leave him alone in a small cage in an empty room for nearly 4 hours either. He proved this by howling and clawing at the cage door when we attempted to step outside the room. The check-in lady had told us we “could stay in the kennel with him, but…” and trailed off, indicating it would not be her idea of fun. Fortunately, we have a different concept of “fun” to most people.

So, while all other passengers of the ship spent their day in reasonable luxury; shopping in duty-free, eating in the nice restaurants, and relaxing in comfy chairs…


We spent the journey… like this:


And eventually (as we realised nobody gave a shit what we did in that room), like this:


We felt like stowaways, hiding in the underbelly of the ship. (And in fact the ship’s brig was right next-door to the kennels!) The joys of dog-ownership, eh? We took turns venturing up to use the toilets and to check if we could see Norway out of the windows yet… But otherwise just hung out in the this tiny room with Lex, which was in fact, on the same deck as our car anyway.

The ferry arrived in Larvik around 4pm, and from there it was a short drive to Sandefjord, where a friend of mine had agreed to let us stay in his summer house! We arrived that afternoon, got pizza, started on his supply of home-brewed beer, and slept under a roof for the night. Luxury!


Click here to see the route we took this day!

If you want to keep up with our travels as we continue on our 3-month adventure, follow this blog to get updated on new posts!


3 thoughts on “Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 5

  1. How would this have gone if traveling by public transport? I guess the ferry crossing would’ve been the same, but the rest…?


    1. Yep foot passengers can get on the ferry too, no problem. The only other driving we did this day was to the beach and then on the other side, to Sandefjord. Larvik to Sandefjord would have been fine probably, beach not so much I guess!


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