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Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 3

Monday 5th June

Our goal for today is to reach Aarhus, and meet up with a childhood friend of mine, who I’ve not seen in probably 15 years!

First thing after packing up camp, we go back to yesterday’s petrol station and ask if they’ve found our rogue fuel cap. Nope.

Then we make our 9th (wrong language) and 10th attempts at using the dastardly petrol card machine, and this time, we discover the mysterious blue button that needs to be pushed before the machine will actually yield any petrol. So we finally manage to fill the tank up, then create a temporary new fuel cap using duct tape (which makes a count of 2 parts of the car held together with tape – I wonder what the total will be by the time we’re done…) and off we go.

On the way to Aarhus we stop at the Jelling monument and explore its excellent Viking museum, which includes an interactive experience of being a Viking reaching Valhalla! We knew from previous trips that Denmark has excellent museums, but this one really is the shit.

The runestones of Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth – fantastically named fellows.
Lex is giving some great side-eyes there. Obviously, he has no interest in Rosie’s sandwich.

We arrive in Aarhus around 6pm and meet up with my friend Steen, who gives us a whistle-stop guided tour around the city, both on foot and in his Tesla car. His tour includes the cool automated underground car-parking machine (which we manage to break). The security guard excitedly tells us all kind of facts about the car park as we wait for another bay to unlock, and he insists that we look up dash-cam videos on YouTube to see exactly what happens down below.

So here’s one of them!

Later that evening Steen escorts us to our campsite and then runs off to get pizza while we set up the tent. We spend the rest of the evening sitting on the beach with pizza, beer and great company!

Lex steps up to help us plan our onward route.

And even at midnight, the daylight does not fully yield to the night. It’s kinda spooky.


If you want to keep up with our travels as we continue on our 3-month adventure, follow this blog to get updated on new posts!


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