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Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 2

Sunday 4th June

Today is another long driving day, as we aim to get to Norway pretty quickly. The German autobahns definitely aid us in this goal, and Rosie gleefully speeds* her way along the fairly traffic-free roads.

*“It’s not speeding if it’s legal.”

We stop for lunch in Bremen, Germany, then swing by the vet to get a worming treatment officially witnessed and signed in Lex’s pet passport (This is required to enter Norway!)


After that, we continue on to Denmark!

So far the only visible border control we’ve encountered since leaving the UK, is at the Danish border. They stop the car and ask to see our human passports (but not Lex’s 😦 ), then wave us on our way. Soon after crossing into Denmark, we stop at a petrol station to fill up the tank.

This is where our mission fails miserably.

Firstly, we don’t have any Danish Krone. However! This is the first petrol station we’ve seen that has a card machine attached to the pump. Modern technology, cool!

I open the fuel hatch and pop the fuel cap onto the roof of car. Pull the fuel pump out and attempt to fill the tank. Nothing happens.

Attempt #2: Put bank card into the machine and enter pin number. Response from the machine is some incomprehensible Danish. Only option we can understand is cancel. Hit cancel.

Attempt #3: Put card into machine and select the Union Jack button before entering pin. “There will be a 1.4% fee from using this card”. Ok… Maybe because it’s a British card? Lets try a Caxton travel one. Cancel.

Attempt #4: Put Caxton card into machine and enter pin. Shit, forgot to click the Union Jack first, no idea what this says. Cancel.

Attempt #5: Put card into machine, Union Jack, enter pin. “Insufficient funds” .… (There are definitely plenty of funds on this card.) Cancel.

Attempt #6: Put original bank card back in. enter pin. Fuck, Danish. Cancel.

Attempt #7: Put card into machine, Union Jack, enter pin. Agree to the extra fee. “Accepted, please remove your card and use pump”. Ok! Pull the fuel pump out and attempt to fill the tank. Nothing happens.

Attempt #8: Queue inside the building to ask at the desk how to use their machine. A woman comes outside and says something like “It should just work”. By now our card transaction has timed out, so we can’t show her the part where we get stuck. She leaves us alone with the machine again.

Modern technology? Not cool. So not cool.

Can we just go?” says Rosie. So we do. We drive on towards to the nearby campsite, are greeted by a friendly cat and a friendly man who checks us in and says we can camp wherever we want. The campsite was situated right next to a lovely lake, so we chose our spot pretty close to the lakeside, aiming for more seclusion than the previous night.


You can just about see our car and tent behind the lake there.


After strolling around the site and the beautiful lake, I start making our dinner and find I’m soon plagued by a swarm of tiny flies buzzing around my head. Eventually, they become bold enough to land on my eyelids and crawl into my ears. It’s pretty horrible. I ask if Rosie’s being pestered as much – She says no and continues reading her Kindle. I quickly finish up making dinner and we eat, now both being bothered by the bugs, and we notice at this point that it feels like they’re biting us. Aren’t these.. midges?

After dinner, we really need to book ferry tickets, but the website is super slow and the bugs are made even more frenzied by the light of my phone. They’re clearly even pestering Lex. So we decide to take refuge in the car, requiring kind of a military operation to chuck Lex and ourselves in, all without inadvertently allowing a cloud of midges to invade the quarantine zone.

Eventually, we manage to book a ferry for midday on the 7th,, so we’ve got an extra day to hang out in Denmark. That’s fine. But the next military operation calls for escaping the car and jumping into the tent without the midge hive-mind re-activating and chasing us in. The mission appears to be semi-successful, but we’ll still wake up the next day with rather a lot of itchy red lumps on our bodies. Little buggers.

And at about 1am, awakened by the chatter of birds in the barely-dark sky, I suddenly realise I left the fuel cap on the roof of the car when we drove away from the petrol station. Shit.

Click here to see our route travelled for the day!

If you want to keep up with our travels as we continue on our 3-month adventure, follow this blog to get updated on new posts!


3 thoughts on “Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 2

  1. Good post. Made me laugh. The midges might well have been why there weren’t many other people so close to the lake. 😏


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