Welcome to Tiny Wolf Travels!

We’re Rosie and Morgan, two late-twenty-somethings who love travel, writing and dogs. This blog is where we cunningly combine our interests, by writing about our travels with our miniature husky dog, Lex.


The 3 of us are currently road-tripping around Europe in a borrowed car, having taken 3-month breaks from our usual jobs. This includes Lex.

(Lex’s regular day-job)

This is our progress as of August 18th, after 78 days on the road!


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The humans in the pack have also done plenty of travel without a dog (don’t listen, Lex!) which we write about too, and you can read about in the Human Trips section.


There’s not a whole lot up there at the moment since we’re quite busy documenting our in-progress trip, but sooner or later, you’ll be able to read about our prior adventures and mishaps around the wider world, including travelling around the middle east, hiking in the Republic of Georgia and living in fear on the world’s scariest bus ride.

And finally, you’ll likely find a boatload of photos of Lex being goofy around here too. Because that’s obviously what you’re all here for really: Pictures of dogs on the internet.


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